Maximising the wealth and asset balance

Do you want to trade in bonds, securities and derivatives? There are fantastic profits to be made, but also fortunes to be lost by those who don’t know what they are doing. Study with UPSA and learn how to minimise your risks and maximise your profit, both for yourself and for your company or clients. If you are interested in seeking the best returns on investments and maximising wealth, then UPSA's MBA in Asset and Wealth Management is made for you. This specialised MBA programme is tailor-made to teach the latest skills to successfully grow assets and wealth. As with other MBAs, it also teaches the managerial skills required to assume a leadership role. This article will cover what you can do with the MBA in Asset and Wealth Management and show some of the high-flying and lucrative jobs available to graduates. It then goes on to detail what is included in the programme and list the core and elective courses that you would study.

What can I do with an MBA in Asset and Wealth Management?

As with other MBAs, graduates will be able to take on senior managerial roles across a range of industries, with an internationally recognised and respected qualification. As a skilled business administrator, your skills will be in demand across the world. If you prefer to go it alone, many asset and wealth managers work for themselves. As well as having the skills to manage and grow your finances, you’ll be able to advise wealthy private clients. Graduates of this programme will gain greater insight and practical experience in contemporary digital finance. They will gain skills in company valuations, project management, private equity, hedge funds, derivatives, interest rates, securities and bond markets. Each of the concepts covered in the course has direct uses and applications in the working world. By knowing how to properly value a company, for example, you would be able to tell if a company stock is under or overvalued. Graduates will also learn about different trading platforms and various investment vehicles. This particular specialisation’s focus on higher finance and concepts like bonds and security makes graduates particularly suited to the following professional positions.

Investment adviser:

Having honed your skills in maximising the wealth and asset balance of both people and organisations, this MBA specialisation will equip you well to become an investment adviser. An investment adviser advises clients about investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds. As an investment adviser, you could work privately for wealthy clients or as part of a larger investment company. Combined with the broader managerial and business skills of the MBA, you could also start your brokerage. To see what jobs are available for investment advisers in Ghana, you can look at this Google search page or this page on Ghana Current Jobs. To get a feel for what the average salaries are, take a look at this Paylab page.

Fund portfolio manager:

Portfolio managers are primarily responsible for creating and managing investment allocations for private clients. A portfolio manager determines a client's appropriate level of risk based on the client's time horizon, risk preferences, return expectations, and market conditions. Look at job offers here: Fund/Portfolio manager Salaries: Salary Explorer

Certified financial planner:

Certified financial planners meet with clients to discuss and set financial and investment goals. They need to be skilled in examining assets, liabilities, income, taxes, investments and estate plans. While the knowledge needed is very technical, the job also involves dealing with people regularly. Financial planners also need to clearly explain to clients the different investments on offer. You can take a look at jobs here: Certified Financial planner, LinkedIn Salaries: Salary Explorer, PayLab.

What is covered in the MBA Wealth and Asset Management programme

The curriculum for the Wealth and Asset Management MBA comprises several core MBA courses shared by most other MBA programmes. It also includes a selection of courses with more focus on elements such as financial planning. Upon completing this MBA programme, graduates will have gained a solid grasp of the basic concepts underlying wealth and asset management. The course will also build up a full understanding among graduates of the integrated view of modern finance as it applies to asset and wealth management. Corporate finance, financial engineering and risk management are covered extensively. The course also covers important non-finance concepts, such as wealth planning, taxation, and legal asset structuring.

Core MBA courses

These are the courses that are included in all of UPSA’s online MBA programmes, giving students a broad range of business and managerial skills needed to effectively run an organisation:

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management & Organisational Behaviour
  • Economics for Managers
  • Management Information Systems
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Statistics for Decision-Making
  • Global Dimension of Business
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Business Ethics and Leadership
  • Research Methods
  • Strategic Management

Chosen electives for the MBA Wealth and Asset Management

These are the courses that are specifically selected for this specialised MBA. Some of these courses are also covered in other online MBA programmes, but none of them have the same selection. The closest related online programme to this is the Corporate Finance MBA.

  • Contemporary Digital Finance
  • Company Valuations
  • Project Management
  • Private Equity, Investments and Hedge Funds
  • Derivatives, Interest Rates and Bond Markets
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation, Risk Budgeting

Get started

If you’d like to know more about this specialised programme, then please read up in more detail on what the MBA in Asset and Wealth Management programme entails. Offered entirely online, you can study this or another MBA from the comfort of your home. All of UPSA’s MBA programmes are structured to be completed in a minimum of two years, with two courses studied concurrently. The programme is designed for online learning and caters for those with other work and personal responsibilities. To see what other online MBA specialisations are offered by UPSA, please visit the online programmes page. All of the MBA programmes on offer by UPSA consist of a series of courses to be completed within at least two years and you only need to pay for one module at a time. For information on tuition fees, you can go to the online fees page. Should you already have decided and want to boost your career with this specialised programme, you can begin your application and get started on your studies.

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Do you want to trade in bonds, securities and derivatives? There are fantastic profits to be made, but also fortunes to be lost by those who don’t know what they are doing. Study with UPSA and learn how to minimise your risks and maximise your profit, both for yourself and for your company or clients.

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