Get a step ahead with an MBA

If you would like to get a step ahead in your career, then studying for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is something you should seriously consider. By studying a general MBA you will pick up all of the many valuable management skills you’ll need to help you climb the corporate ladder. The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) offers a General MBA that covers a broad range of skills needed to manage a company or organisation effectively. It also features courses focused on both digital transformation strategy and marketing to prepare you for the modern digital marketing environment. In this article, we will look at the benefits of studying an MBA, some of the things you can do with an MBA qualification and briefly cover what you’ll learn in the MBA General programme.   

Benefits of an MBA

There are many benefits to studying for an MBA. You can study the UPSA General MBA programme fully online over just 18 months if you commit to it full-time, allowing you to accelerate your career in a relatively short time. An MBA will place you in a stronger position when competing with other candidates for a managerial or leadership role. It also gives you the skills to start up and manage your own business if you are eager to pursue your entrepreneurial ventures and do your own thing. Here are eight compelling reasons for completing an MBA qualification:

  • International recognition
  • Well respected qualification with high earning potential
  • Develop the strategic thinking needed to run a business
  • Learn from lecturers who are experts in their fields
  • Join a network of MBA alumni
  • Learn the latest international trends and best practices
  • Gain the skills to start your own business
  • Accessible through a range of undergraduate disciplines

What can I do with an MBA?

An MBA will qualify you for senior management and other leadership positions. As a well-regarded international qualification, you will also open yourself up to many international management opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing the academic route further, an MBA will also offer you a bridge to study for a PhD next. Through UPSA’s online General MBA programmes, you will learn strategic thinking and a range of business management skills to equip you to successfully build and manage an organisation. The inclusion of marketing and digital transformation strategy will also give you knowledge of the latest developments in these fast-changing fields. You will be well equipped with the skills you need to appropriately guide the digital marketing of your organisation. The skills learnt in an MBA are applicable in a range of environments, from government and public administration, across different industrial and corporate settings to your entrepreneurial ventures or managing a sleek new start-up. Here are some links to jobs


What does a general MBA cover

A general MBA will give you a broad understanding of management - both of people and of running a company. You will learn to apply the latest international management strategies to solve business and environmental-related issues. All of the MBA online programmes offered by UPSA consist of the same set of core courses, with different combinations of electives to reflect the chosen areas of specialisation. To view the full course contents of the MBA General, you can visit the MBA General programme details page, or have a look at the summary of the courses that are covered in the programme below.    

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a phrase that we hear so often that you might feel it has become a meaningless catchphrase. You would be mistaken though. The reason we hear it all the time is that it has become so prevalent and important for businesses to succeed. So just what is digital marketing and what does it entail? Digital marketing is a broad term that covers a wide range of ways to market products and services through the internet to digital devices. This ranges from the more obvious such as Google ads, website banners, video adverts and email newsletters, through to more subtle ways such as influencer marketing and content marketing. Marketing has evolved in step with advances in communication and technology for as long as humans have been trading. Some of the world's earliest adverts were used to convince Roman citizens to part with their gold and silver to watch gladiators in combat. The very oldest advert ever found was a papyrus flyer attracting customers to a fabric shop in Thebes in 3000 BCE Egypt. Next came the printing press with newspapers going out to the masses, followed by radio which opened up exciting new possibilities. Television was the next advancement, allowing marketers to manipulate emotions through the powerful combination of visuals and sound. The evolution from the first papyrus flyer to the first TV advert took about 5000 years, but over the space of only 20 or so years, digital marketing has already undergone many advancements and evolved into a host of highly specialised niches. With things advancing so rapidly, it would be impossible for a single person to completely master every field of digital marketing. That said, modern organisations increasingly expect employees to have a general understanding of digital marketing and the latest best tools.  

Management matters

Whatever field you work in, well-managed organisations are almost always more successful than poorly managed ones. As a result, successful companies place a high value on individuals who are competent managers. Management skills transcend industries and it is quite common for high-profile CEOs and other executives to be brought in to take charge of a company operating in an entirely new field to where they were before.    

Core courses for the MBA general programme 

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management & Organizational Behaviour
  • Economics for Managers
  • Management Information Systems
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Statistics for Decision-Making
  • Global Dimension of Business
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Business Ethics and Leadership
  • Research Methods
  • Strategic Management

Specialisation courses for the MBA General programme: 

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Advanced Human Resource Management
  • Managerial Functions and control systems
  • Project Management
  • Deal Making and Business Development
  • Process and Operations Management
  • Business Etiquette / Practitioners Forum

Get started

If all of this appeals to you and you would like to study a fully online General MBA from UPSA online, then please go through to our applications page to find out what you need to start your online learning journey.

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Get a step ahead with an MBA

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